Saturday, 25 July 2015

Charity Shops Aren't All Bad

helllooooo :)

Recently I helped out at a Barn Dance for my local Swimming Club (which I used to swim for) behind the bar with my Sister and Mom. As it was a Barn Dance, my Sister and I went around town to look for something relevant (something cowgirls would wear). It came to our attention that every place we tried was too expensive for just one nights use. 

We then came across the British Heart Foundation and thought we'd chance it not knowing if it was worth it. Now I've always had the perception that charity shops were lame places that poor people shopped (don't ask me how cuz I've never actually experienced this in a charity shop, but there we go). 

We walked in and it was nothing like I expected, it was packed full of people of all ages looking out for bargains, and when I say bargains, I mean bargains. Almost everything that I looked at was under £5.00 compared to the £29 replicar we found in a shop earlier on, it was a given. This was the place that we both found our outfits and was pretty damn chuffed with our finds. 

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