Friday, 27 November 2015

50 Facts About Me Tag!


Today's post is for those of you who don't really know me very well or even at all. The 50 facts about me TAG is something that I have found online and it looked pretty interesting. I'm really nosey so love reading other peoples so hopefully you'll love this one :)

1. How am I? 19
2. Who is the last person you texted? My best mate Chummy
3.What is the last book you read? 50 Shades of Grey
4. What is your favourite food? Pizza I think
5. Favourite colour? Pink
6.Tell me 3 most interesting things about you? errmmm, I blog everyday, I used to swim competitively and I'm really tall...
7. Are you a dog or cat person? Cat, I'm scared of dogs
8. What turns you on? what type of tag is this?
9. Are you shy or not? NO!
10. What's you sexuality? Straight
11. Chose one word to describe you? Crazy
12. When did I write my first blog? June 2012
13.What is your favourite TV show? PLL
14. Who is your OTP? Elena and Damon
15. 5 Hobbies? Blogging, Talking, Shopping, Expanding my Makeup collection and Yoga
16. Pepsi or Cola? Can't taste the difference
17. Tell me on secret? then I'd have to kill you
18. Favourite Dessert? Panna Cotta
19. Sign? I'm guessing this is star sign so Leo
20. What is your hair and eye colour? Blonde and Blue
21. Pet Peeve? Spitting on the floor!
22. If you could dye your hair any colour right now what would it be? Candy Floss pink
23. Pants or Skirt? Skirt
24. What pets do I have? A cat that has left home so none really lol
25. Put your songs on shuffle and tell me what plays first? Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Buble
26. Tell me one thing that I would never guess about you? I have no idea....
27. Biggest Fear? Dogs
28. Would you rather go back in time or into the future? into the future
29. Lucky Number? 13
30. gender? Female
31.If you could live in an alternate reality which one would it be? The one where there are no wars?
32.Favourite genre of music? Chart I guess
33. Dream Job? Wedding planner
34. Celebrity Crush? Channing Tatum
35. Craziest Situation you've been in? been trapped in a room before by spoons....
36. Most annoying thing you've ever had to deal with? having a sneezing fit in the cinema
37. Who is the first person you've ever kissed? What was the situation? Ashley Sharpe and in the board cupboard at Swimming
38. Give me the first 10 books on your book shelve? I'm at work so can't currently see them lol
39. grab a random book and give me the first sentence? again I'm on lunch so can't
40. Favourite Ice-Cream flavour? Rum and Raisin or Pistachio
41. Favourite line from a movie? that's so fetch...
42. What would you do if you won the lottery? Buy my parents house off and go on a world holiday
43. What's your lucky charm? I used to have a plastic penguin at school but now I don't really have anything
44.Least favourite food? Bacon
45. Tell me about the last dream you can remember? I was being chased by a man with an axe
46. Tell me about your best friend? We are the same person pretty much. Her name is Chummy (well its not but that's what we call each other) and I love her lotssss!
47. Dream Role? in what? lol
48. what do you do on a rainy day? Netflix and sing lol
49. What was the last thing you watched on Netflix? Jessica Jones because it would be rude not to
50. What's your guilty pleasure? Justin Bieber and One Direction

Thanks for Reading
With Love From Jess x

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