Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to stay Motivated


At work I recently had a talk given by a colleague about motivation as it is slightly lacking in the office, and it got me thinking. What actually motivates me, and how do I stay motivated?

As with most people, money is something that motivates me. If I know that by doing something I will be able to get myself that high-end lippy I've been lusting over then I am more likely to do it.

Knowing that I can succeed something that is very important to me. Realising that what I am doing will or could be achieved is motivation in itself and gives something for me to aspire towards in life.

I have complied a list of things that help me to motivate myself in life:

1. Making lists

I love lists. With absolutely anything possible I can write a list for, I will. It gives me sense of organization and a good feeling when I can tick or cross something off that I have completed. A prime example of my love for list making is on my blog. I'm pretty sure the majority of my blogs contain lists. It's something for people to get creative with and use to their advantage. Happy Checking :)

2. Setting myself targets

This is a great one as it gives you sense of ownership when you complete the target that you have set for yourself. It could be anything from when you will complete an assignment for or how much you are going to save I the next month. When I am at work I set myself both targets and list for each day and love ticking them off throughout the day. Sometimes it can show you that you have more work than you think you have which is always a bonus.  

3. Find Inspiration

Inspiration for me comes from people who have achieved similar things that I wish to complete. Your inspiration could be anyone, from your best friend to your boss or a celebrity. Mine is currently my Dad. He works for everything he has and does things that he doesn't always want to, but he shuts up and gets on with them anyway. This is a great attitude to have as it proves you can do anything you put your mind to.

4 Get Help

People tend to stray away from this. but sometimes its the best thing. Everyone needs help at some point in their life and sometimes the hardest part is asking for it. I am someone who likes to think that I can do everything on my own. That is defiantly not the case. Ask your family, friend's or go online for some. There will always be someone willing to help you.

5. Stick with it!

Easier said than done I know! But sticking at things makes them seem more worth it in some respects. If you give up on something then there will always be the feeling that you didn't complete something you set yourself to do, and that can be a disincentive.

I hope that these helped the unmotivated of us out there. Head high.

Thanks for Reading

With Love From Jess x

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