Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My 5 Top films


For those of you who know me will know that I am a massive lover of RomComs and Disney Films . The prospect of having that 'perfect love' that doesn't really exist entices me in and no doubt does with other people.

I have had a think about the ones that I really love and have complied a list of my favourites for you to have a look at. I have included the links to each of these if you wish to buy them.

1.  The Vow - Top reason why I love this film.... Channing Tatum.  What more does any girl want than a scene of him holding a cat topless in an alley with a pizza in his hand. Sexy yet mysterious.

2. Beauty and the Beast - I realise I am 19 now and yes I do love Disney films and I'm not afraid to say it. This film has taught me that no matter what happens in life that you can always prevail and if someone loves you enough then you can make things work regardless or everything else. And on the bonus side, the songs are great to sing-a-long too.

3. Lion King - Okay if you say you don't love this film then you are lying and don't even try and hide it. This films makes me laugh and cry all at the same time and I love it! Definitely a must watch!

4. Mean Girls - The majority of girls my age should know what this film is and if you don't you need to reassess your life! I am sad enough to be able to say that I can quote most of this film word for word and there's quite a few of us out there who can! It's one of those feel good girly films that you can curl up with your girlfriends, grab some savvy snack and enjoy.

5. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging - This is the film that I always used to watch and turn off whenever my parents walked in the room because they mention the word 'boobs' several times. Now that I'm older, not so fussed about this. My mom would probably love this film now that I don't find things like that so awkward. Definitely recommend this one.

I would advise you to watch or rewatch all of these films - its guaranteed film fest!

Thanks for Reading

With Love From Jess x

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