Thursday, 17 December 2015

Life Update


Sorry I've been a little AWOL recently. I haven't been very well and I know that's no excuse. However, there will be a big exciting blog post up soon on my make up collection which I am very excited to do! It won't be me bragging on what I own but simply showing how I store and arrange my things and which brands and products I like. More on this in the blog post.

Currently my other half is giving writing a go and drafting something for the blog, which I am excited to publish.

I'm getting very excited for the Christmas Period and wrapping is on the top of my to do list at the moment. (I've already wrapped things but I'm not happy with how I've done it). Brown paper is the way forward I feel.

Will be back very soon.

With Love From Jess x

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Girls Christmas Giftguide


Today's post is the first of 4 Christmas gift guides here on my blog.

The first one is dedicated to the Female lots of us. These are all things that I have seen out and about and thought would be suitable to put into my git guide. I will be splitting each gift guide up into age groups, but please note this doesn't mean you may only get these gifts for that specific age range. They are just my opinions.Hope you find it useful :)


  • Why not look at the complete kit from Benefit for those young beauty lovers. BENEFIT-PARTY-LIKE-A-ROCKSTAR-COMPLETE-MAKE-UP-KIT-BNIB-100-GENUINE

  • Personalised Necklace

Over 20's

  • I feel that every women needs a giant fluffy dressing gown to snuggle up in over these cold months.$V7PdpLarge$

  • Perhaps a Watch would be a good idea
Lipsy Two Tone Bracelet Watch

Mature Women

  • Bath Tea Bag Box

  • Take away Spa?

  • Hand Cream Kit
Orange Flower Hand Gift

I Hope that this has given you some inspiration for gifts to buy your loved ones :)

Thanks for Reading

With Love From Jess x

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Giftguides


Something that I am loving at the moment is reading all the Christmas Gift Guides that are popping up around this time of year. They are so useful for people who are unsure of what to buy people for Christmas. So I thought, why not do some myself.

There will be 5 going up within the next week:

Girls/ Ladies
Boys/ Men
Under £30
Stocking Fillers

Keep an eye out for these going up and I hope they give you some inspiration on what to you your loved ones.

Thanks for reading

With Love form Jess x

Monday, 7 December 2015

Things I'm looking forward to


As you all know, I am such a sucker for this time of the year. With the cosy atmosphere of my house, it is just an excuse to cosy up by the fire.

Over the next month or so there are some things that are coming up that I am very excited for:

1. BBC Music Awards. This is a Christmas present of my wonderful boyfriend. I think the reason he got it was for him to see Little Mix, but I am excited for One Direction. Put it this way. I love them and couldn't be happier to go and see them the last time that they  are playing before there break. Other acts such as Ellie Goulding, Little Mix and Rod Stewart will be playing as well, so all in all should be a fantastic night. (there will be a blog post about this soon :) )

2. Family Christmas Meals. Every year my moms side of the family travels to Birmingham to Visit some family. We go out for a lovely roast dinner and I really enjoy it, as I only see them once a year. And who doesn't love an excuse to eat lots of wonderful food.

3. CHRSITMAS. I said it. My decorations have been up for a while and I love all the festivities that come along with this time of year, (mainly the fairy lights). I don't think Aaron fully understood how much I love Christmas until mid November.

4. Shopping. I really love going out a finding those perfect presents to give to friends and family. My best friend and I have been excited to shop for each other for a while. We are so similar so have plenty of ideas and thoughts on what to get for each other. Once again I remembered how difficult it is to buy for men. Make-up just isn't good enough for them. I have already done the majority of my Christmas shopping so at the moment I am wrapping to my hearts content.

So there are some things that I have coming up. Just so you know, I get really overexcited for this time of year so expect lots of festive posts :)

Thanks for reading

With Lover From Jess x

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lets Talk about Pressure...


Today's topic is a little bit more controversial than usual and is about pressure put on young women from the media and other ways.

More and more young girls are feeling that they need to achieve the so called 'perfection' that the media is currently portraying.

Studies suggest that there are girls as young as 6 or 7 are feeling the pressure from the media to loose weight and become this 'perfect' girl. This perfect girl is meant to be 5ft 8 inch tall, weigh 9 stone and have a 36c chest. Where as in reality this is not the case. Personally I fail to see what the problem is with girls all looking slightly different. That's what makes people individual. Even when we are looking at celebrities, they don't all look the same either. Face shapes and heights all differ yet this is overlooked with young women.

Something else I have come to realise is that the woman that we are obsessing over are not the same age as us and are in a completely different way of life. These people are paid to look this way and will get criticised if they don't by the media themselves. How can we compare ourselves to someone completely different. We can't is the simple answer.

Look at Kate Moss for example. What would happen if she was to put on the slightest bit of weight. It would be all over the media with harsh comments dragging her through the mud. Looking like that is her career just like sitting in the Office is mine. If I was lacking with my job I would be told that as well. It's the same thing and people fail to notice that its just something personal that has been made public.

It is at the stage where girls are self harming themselves and going on insane diets to look this way because they feel 'fat'. I fully understand that sometimes this is a genuine illness but that isn't what I am referring to with this topic. And for any of you thinking why isn't it the same with men? It is. Just on a lower scale. David Beckham for example is seen as a body role model as well a Footballing Legend.

Looking at a comment that I have found on website about this topic has shocked me!

'There aren't any fat actresses' - Define fat. They are plenty of the chunkier people on the Telly. James Corden, Dawn French and Rebel Wilson are all examples of this. They have taken it in their stride that they aren't the skinniest 'perfect' person around and they look pretty damn happy to me.

The question I would like to close this blog with is why do we as humans feel the need to be someone who we aren't? I am a tall, size 12, 19 year old girl who doesn't feel the pressure. Learn to love yourself and others will too!

Thanks for reading,

With Love From Jess x