Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lets Talk about Pressure...


Today's topic is a little bit more controversial than usual and is about pressure put on young women from the media and other ways.

More and more young girls are feeling that they need to achieve the so called 'perfection' that the media is currently portraying.

Studies suggest that there are girls as young as 6 or 7 are feeling the pressure from the media to loose weight and become this 'perfect' girl. This perfect girl is meant to be 5ft 8 inch tall, weigh 9 stone and have a 36c chest. Where as in reality this is not the case. Personally I fail to see what the problem is with girls all looking slightly different. That's what makes people individual. Even when we are looking at celebrities, they don't all look the same either. Face shapes and heights all differ yet this is overlooked with young women.

Something else I have come to realise is that the woman that we are obsessing over are not the same age as us and are in a completely different way of life. These people are paid to look this way and will get criticised if they don't by the media themselves. How can we compare ourselves to someone completely different. We can't is the simple answer.

Look at Kate Moss for example. What would happen if she was to put on the slightest bit of weight. It would be all over the media with harsh comments dragging her through the mud. Looking like that is her career just like sitting in the Office is mine. If I was lacking with my job I would be told that as well. It's the same thing and people fail to notice that its just something personal that has been made public.

It is at the stage where girls are self harming themselves and going on insane diets to look this way because they feel 'fat'. I fully understand that sometimes this is a genuine illness but that isn't what I am referring to with this topic. And for any of you thinking why isn't it the same with men? It is. Just on a lower scale. David Beckham for example is seen as a body role model as well a Footballing Legend.

Looking at a comment that I have found on website about this topic has shocked me!

'There aren't any fat actresses' - Define fat. They are plenty of the chunkier people on the Telly. James Corden, Dawn French and Rebel Wilson are all examples of this. They have taken it in their stride that they aren't the skinniest 'perfect' person around and they look pretty damn happy to me.

The question I would like to close this blog with is why do we as humans feel the need to be someone who we aren't? I am a tall, size 12, 19 year old girl who doesn't feel the pressure. Learn to love yourself and others will too!

Thanks for reading,

With Love From Jess x

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