Friday, 5 February 2016

Mac Lipstick Collection


Today's post is going to be about my MAC lipstick Collection. As you will tell, I don't have that many as I tend to stick with the same shade lipstick each day. But never the less here they are.

As you can see, I tend to stick with pinks and nudes with my lipsticks and only have a few reds or purples. I just feel that they suit me better so invest more in them.

1. Honeylove - This is a beautiful shade of nude and is by far my most worn lipstick out of any of the ones I own. It suits pale skin very well as it is a very cool brown toned nude. It's very easy to wear with bold eyes or very simplistic eyes. I use this with the lip liner Spice. The Liner is slightly darker so gives your lips the illusion that they are slightly bigger, which is always good.

2. Chatterbox - More of a pink shade lipstick but isn't too bright. I like wearing this one when I wear black outfits as it really stands out then. Its also a great day to night lipstick and can change how your makeup looks with a different shade of lippy.

3. Pretty Please - I actually brought this lipstick by accident. The one I wanted was called Please Me but got it confused with Pretty Please. I feel that this is a quite a day time lipstick and is great for work or if you are just popping down the shop as it doesn't really stand out.

4. Please Me - This is the most beautiful pale pink lipstick and goes so well with all outfits. This is another lippy that I wear a lot of the time as its so complimentary to my skin tone. I use the lip liner Rosy Rim with this lipstick.

5. Speak Louder - As the name of this lipstick suggests, it's quiet bold! More of a night time lipstick I feel but is very beautiful. It makes any outfit look sophisticated and gives your makeup a pop of colour.

6. A Novel Romance - This was the first MAC Lipstick that I brought. Something nice and understated. Its very sheer so is a good look for a very neutral make up look. I tend to wear this lippy when I'm chilling at home or at work.

So that is my MAC Lipstick Collection and a little something about each one.

Thanks for reading

With Love From Jess x

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